Eagle River WWTF Phase II

The work of this project consists of structural, architectural, civil, electrical, building mechanical, process mechanical, and instrumentation and controls upgrades to the Eagle River Wastewater Treatment Facility Rehabilitation Project. The work includes but is not limited to the following upgrades; New raw sewage yard piping and manholes, new head-works building, supporting facilities and utilities, treatment equipment, and resources to verify equipment function and performance. Modify and upgrade of the existing primary clarifier in the fluent box, demolish existing and upgrade sample pumps and refrigerated composite samplers for influent raw sewage and final plant effluent; Reconfigure the electrical distribution system; Demolish rotary drum screens, muffin monsters, channel walls, grating, and structural components supporting rotary drum screens. Furnish and install finished concrete floor over open channels and sub-grade tank including handrail and grating; Demolish selective piping and appurtenances; Furnish and install new pipe and appurtenances to reroute existing pipes were needed to accommodate new facilities and upgrade two storage rooms in the northwest corner of the building.