Dowling Road & 92nd Avenue PRV

Work consists of furnishing and installing a masonry block building with electrical, mechanical, piping, valves, SCADA, jib crane, and all related appurtenances.  Furnishing and installing foundation piles for the building, removing existing pavement, re-grading the existing parking lot, furnishing and installing new pavement and striping, and coordination for installation of electric and gas services.  Connecting to the existing 36-inch water main on 92nd Ave, temporary water system, modifications to PRV Station 18 and line stops. Construction of an access driveway to 92nd Ave. PRV Facility consisting of clearing and grubbing, grading existing surfaces, recycled asphalt paving, culverts, and a vehicle gate.  Removing two existing PRVs and three existing isolation valves and furnishing and installing new valves, PRVs and SCADA.