Chester Creek Culvert Providence Drive

Consisting of approximately 6,040 C.Y. of General Excavation and Disposal of Excavation; 8,690 Tons of Classified Fill and Backfill; 585 C.Y. of Channel Armor Substrate; 587 L.F. of Curb ad Gutter Removal; 1,534 S.Y. of Pavement Removal; 360 Tons of A.C. Pavement; 588 L.F. of Curb and Gutter Installation; 144 S.Y. of P.C.C. Sidewalk; Utility Shoring; 635 L.F. of Remove Pipe; Creek Diversion; 234 L.F. of Storm Drain Pipe (varying sizes); Installation of 1 Owner Furnish Precast Concrete Culvert (20′ x 6′ x 152′), Headwalls and Wingwalls including Foundations; 3 Storm Drain Manholes; Installation of 2 Owner Furnished Oil and Grit Separators; Heat Trace; Remove and Install 13 Traffic Loop Detectors; Relocate 1 Electroiler; 150 L.F. Reconstruct Streambank; Landscaping and other related work.