Intl. Union of Operating Engineers Local 302 Office

Local 302 purchased the southeast corner of 40th Avenue and Denali Street with the goal of constructing the maximum size building that codes would allow while providing at least 60 surface parking spaces for large meetings. Local 302’s desire to occupy the building by December 1, 2008, was aggressive, allowing only 6 months for construction. The design was finalized in early April, all permits in hand by early May, and construction began right after road restrictions were off. RHC had identified the critical path and long lead items early in the project and those materials were already on order and shop drawings were almost complete. RHC and its designers worked diligently to meet all the program needs including a large training and meeting hall in a 16,000 square foot building. We were also able to provide 65 full-size parking spaces. We were able to meet the budget and still include an extensive snowmelt system at the main entry and sidewalks.