Food Services of America Anchorage

Food Services of America (FSA) is the largest wholesale food distributor in Alaska. In 1996 RHC constructed FSA’s initial 92,000 square foot warehouse and office facility on a 20-acre site at 10420 Olive Lane here in Anchorage. Three years later, we added another 42,000 SF of warehouse and 6,000 SF of office space to that facility. We are currently increasing the warehouse by yet another 56,000 SF. To meet FSA’s needs, RHC hired an architect, civil and structural engineers, and subcontractors responsible for designing and constructing the mechanical, sprinkler, and electrical systems. RHC coordinated all design disciplines and performed general contractor work. The 6,000 SF office area that was added in 1999 was especially challenging. It occurred inside the building by extending the 60’ wide third floor another 100 LF above a chilled product loading dock (kept at 38 degrees F) that was in use 24/7. Many creative solutions were devised to install the steel floor framing members 20’ above the dock level and perform other work without disrupting FSA’s freight handling operations. How well did we perform? FSA sole source negotiated with RHC for the current 56.000 SF addition.