ASD Service High School Renewal Phase 2B

The ASD sets an aggressive schedule for major summertime remodels at the local schools. This particular construction project had only 66 days available for completion. The project consisted of remodeling 25,000 SF of existing school area (NB Hall) and adding a 14,400 SF 2nd story with a new 3rd-story penthouse (Building “D”). The scope of work for NB Hall incorporated asbestos abatement, roofing, new skylights, & a total interior demolition and reconstruction that encompassed 43,000 SF. Despite the tight schedule, changes in work scope during the project, unknown and hidden conditions that added more work, RHC still completed the job on time. As a bonus, Building “D” was delivered 4 months ahead of schedule. RHC is proud to have exceeded expectations at Service High School. RHC was sensitive to the potential disruption to school operations and made every effort to meet the schedule in the face of the challenges. The Alaska chapter of Associated General Contractors presented RHC the Excellence in Construction Award for this project – “2007 Challenge of a Job, Between $5,000,000 and $15,000,000 Vertical Construction.”

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