ASD East HS Roger Hickel project

ASD East High School Phase III Remodel

This was also a summertime remodel with a 66-day construction schedule. The scope of work included asbestos abatement, southwest entry remodels, administrative office remodels, and the nurse’s station. The summer work was delivered on schedule, and the administrative office was delivered ahead of schedule. During construction demolition, it was discovered the existing structure did not meet the fire code. RHC was able to design-assist to resolve the fire code issues while staying within schedule. RHC anticipated the challenges, conceptually visualized and analyzed the potential courses of action, and made correct decisions early to successfully expedited the delivery of this project. Our “brain trust” of seasoned Project Managers and Superintendents thrive in this challenging climate. While expedited delivery methods shorten the estimated time for projects, we remain committed and focused on quality. Construction schedules span weeks, even months, and our products perform for decades. The ASD’s construction department relies significantly on expedited delivery and RHC is proud to have met and exceeded expectations at East High School.

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